Nick Venden ~ multimedia artist and composer

“If you want to bring someone into your life who is focused, joyful and experienced in matters of mess and clutter, then you should definitely contact Julia. The time spent was fruitful and also enjoyable because of her interesting life, with antidotes and experiences flying everywhere.

There was hardly a need to point out anything, as she would intuit the solutions on her own–I would pause, distracted, turn around, and there she’d be attacking another area of clutter.

Julia is high energy, but without creating the feeling that a swarm of bees had invaded my home. Importantly, she was always kind enough to hold things up and ask for thumbs up/thumbs down (keep it or let it go?).

That Netflix chick Marie Kondo has nothing on Julia!”

Christina Tobin ~ business owner and electoral reform activist

“Thanks to Julia, my home feels like a clean, clear sacred space where I can work, relax, play, cook and host guests. She helped me eliminate things that were dragging me down energetically, rearranged my living room to make it more cozy and peaceful, and transformed my cluttered closet and bedroom into a calming hideaway.

My kitchen is now organized and free of GMOs, and she redesigned my blah patio into a winter food garden. She even helped me reduce some bills! Julia offered moral support and inspiration every step of the way, and the entire experience was fun and uplifting. I’ll be calling on her to help me with my utility room next.

I highly recommend Julia if you need help eliminating clutter and want to turn your home into a more open, peaceful, beautiful space. Because of her service, I love my home so much more now.”

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