I’m a writer, editor, neutrality worker, and wholistic caregiver. I work with entrepreneurs, authors, artists, bloggers, parents, and non-profit leaders who share the common vision of improving self, helping others, and healing our communities and planet.

My first editing job was in the mid 1990s at New York University’s School of Law. I worked in the career office, writing job descriptions and editing students’ resumes and cover letters. It was during my time at NYU that I first got into organizing. Friends at work noticed my tidy desk and invited me to their homes to assist with their closets and such. 

Those two skills, editing and organizing, led me to spending most of the last two decades in marketing, operations, and product development for start-ups, large businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

I strategized, planned, organized, directed, wrote, ghost-wrote, edited, analyzed, problem-solved, spec’d out, and promoted a wide array of products, services and initiatives.

The spectrum of sectors I have served include software, hardware, engineering, real estate, education, agriculture, local food, finance, recruiting, construction, irrigation, legal, healthcare, alternative medicine, caregiving, travel, spirituality, hospitality, and public policy.

With experience in so many different industries, I hold a significant amount of knowledge about all sorts of topics. It’s a “Jane of all trades” kind of wisdom, yet my motley background has benefited me and my global network of changemakers in a meaningful way. And I am eternally grateful for the depth and diversity that my life experiences and connections have taught me.

Today, I guide and assist humans experiencing a deep life crisis or shift. Whether it is a physical illness, mental exhaustion, emotional overwhelm, work overload, or other wall-hitting life experience, I serve as a neutral wholistic caregiver providing self-care therapies, spiritual reflection, guidance, coaching, inspiration, and integration support.

I live in a groovy seaside neighborhood known as Alamitos Beach in Long Beach, California with my 6 year old daughter.

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