Introducing the Pocket Belt: A Stylish Alternative to the 80s Belly Bag

Color me modern.

My friend Sarah Holyhead has created a stylish and functional clothing accessory that enables me to carry my essentials in a pocketed belt worn on my hips.

It’s called the Pocket Belt, made by her company Red Said Go. They are made here in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Hands free at Steamed Cuisine in Long Beach. Photo courtesy of Stephanie Carlough.

I’ve been a belly bag / fanny pack user for many years. I get lots of chuckles from people, but I don’t care. It works for me. It’s an accessory that provides me with functional simplicity, freeing my hands and arms, yet enabling me to transport the basics like keys, cash, ID, debit card and phone.

Enter the Pocket Belt, which offers a heap of style and function improvements from the garden-variety belly bag.

First off, I am in awe at how beautifully and flawlessly made it is. The stitching is exquisite. The fabric feels soft and lovely. I like how it wears/rests. I was surprised it wasn’t bulky over jeans, although I often wear it with leggings. The S/M fit is perfect for me, and the varied snap settings let me tweak the fit as my body expands and contracts through the cycles of life.

On the more practical side, it offers four pockets including a hidden inside pocket. In my work as an organizing consultant, it’s especially helpful because I can have things I need to access on my body during the workday, like a pen and my phone.

It is so different and striking, I receive comments every time I wear it.

It’s a fashionable solution for women across the spectrum…minimalists, hipsters, teachers, millennials, urbanites, festival goers, sporty types, moms, seniors, and more.

Although I still have my trusty old belly bag in my wearable accessory stash, the Pocket Belt serves me very well. I love wearing it. I feel good wearing it.

Thank you to Sarah at Red Said Go for creating this functional, stylish, hands-free tool for women on the go. Check out her story and collection of pocket belts at

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